ParamPujya means revered and Tapagachadipati means the biggest, top notched Jain saint with over 15,000 disciples.

ParamPujya Tapagachadipati Acharya Shri Vijay Premsurishwarji Maharajsaheb, whom we fondly refer to as GuruPrem, was born on 05th March, 1920 at midnight in a small town named Vijaynagar near Ajmer, Rajasthan.

GuruPrem renounced the material world and took Diksha at the young age of 11 on 6th July, 1931. With 86 years of strong and blissful sainthood, he is the only one in recent times to be known as a reformist with a practical approach to religion.

His achievements in the field of religion are unbounded. He inspired his followers to build over 100 temples whereby lakhs of people have received religious knowledge and have transformed their lifestyle to a peaceful and more successful one.

Guruprem was known as a very powerful orator and a voracious and vivid reader. His diverse range of interests meant he was well updated on everything from religion to politics and from world news to sports. He imparted immense knowledge through his sermons and talks, guiding individuals to live life with a practical approach, following the path set out by the Tirthankara Mahavira.

His outstanding social work has seen no boundaries, he relentlessly worked for the benefit of the lesser-privileged with the aim to provide them with more resources and an improved life. He inspired his followers to build houses and living spaces, to donate resources for education, food provisions, medicines etc.

GuruPrem, with his strong belief in the power of education, laid the foundation for the N.M. Shah Arts & Commerce College at Sankheshwar in Gujarat  where 12,000 students are studying at present. He also lay the foundation for the Premsuri Vidyalaya (High School) at Sametshikhar, also known as Shikharji, in the Giridih district of Jharkhand where 1500 students are studying at present.

GuruPrem also worked tirelessly to help the lesser privileged achieve life skills and to do so successfully, he set up the Shri ParshvaPrem Educational Institute at Dahisar, where young members of the society can receive high end computer skills such as animation, graphic designing etc.

He set up a hospital to provide healthcare to people from all sections of society. The hospital has been set up in Sankheshwar and has 25 beds where approximately 200 patients benefit from the free medical aid.

GuruPrem was extremely passionate not just about helping people, but all living beings. He was a strong advocate of Jivdaya, compassion to living beings, and built over 20 animal and bird shelters and some special Gaushalas (cow sheds) at various locations across the country.

GuruPrem has been an inspirational force behind many a people, including businessmen and politicans, the most notable being the present Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendrabhai Modi. He was guided to place emphasis on the growth of the nation and the welfare of the society.

As his name suggests, he imparted unconditional love to all living beings and all through his life, we worked endlessly towards the welfare of society and on spreading peace and compassion.