At some point in our lives, all of us wonder what the purpose of our life is. We question the reasons for our existence and what we have been cut out to achieve. Over the years, with the commercialisation of all aspects of society, we tend to use material wealth as a barometer for a sense of accomplishment. We consider ourselves to be successful if we have material wealth, the modern day luxuries. It makes us happy to know we have amassed more treasures than others.

What we have forgotten is that were created not to possess material wealth but to make a difference. We have to contribute to the world we live in, to create an environment that allows us to achieve the greatest version of ourself and to do so courageously, without the fear of society. We need to be useful and for that, we need to be compassionate and all inclusive. We were created for something much bigger than the cycle of physical existence and our purpose is to find that freedom.

Param Pujya Tapagachadipati Acharya Shri Vijay Premsurishwarji Maharajsaheb, whom we fondly refer to as Gurudev or GuruPrem, always emphasised on the idea that life isn’t a race. All of us are meant to work cohesively to become the best we can be, we are not competitors. When a person runs to the finish line without caring about anyone or anything else, using greed and deception, has he truly won? When you race to the end of your life and stand at God’s doorstep, you have nothing to show for the life you lived, for you cannot take any of your material possessions with you. All you have is karma. Don’t chase the by-products, he would say, instead focus on being caring and compassionate, on improving yourself and on helping others. Make your life glorious and you do not have to wait till the end of your life to meet God, for you shall see he is around you everyday.

GuruPrem took diksha at the young age of 11 and ever since then he had one core objective. He wanted to promote peace through the principles of love and compassion and he aimed at doing so by guiding and educating people to think in an unbiased manner and understand others and their troubles. To accept people as they were and to always remember, a person should not be judged for their actions but understood and helped for their intent.

Based on his teachings and wisdom, our mission is to try and work cohesively with everyone who unites with us, to embark on an endless journey of self improvement, of refining ourselves on an everyday basis. To become the best version of ourselves and helping others achieve the same by supporting each other.

We intend to create a community of like minded individuals, who are all eager to learn and work selflessly on the objectives set out by GuruPrem.